Postition for Post-Doctoral Researcher (Maître-assistant associé(e)) "Multi-scale modeling of heterogeneous composite materials"

General description

Increasing interest in using of textile reinforced composites for industrial applications leads to continuing demand on highly robust methods for the analysis of lightweight materials such as composites. Nevertheless, the inherent heterogeneity of such materials has been a main issue in the numerical modeling for the structural analysis and design. Therefore, the understanding of the mechanical behavior of composite materials at the different material scales, i.e. fiber scale, yarn scale and product scale, is necessary and an important step in the development of numerical design tools. This project focuses on the implementation of improved computational techniques based on a multi-scale approach for 2D and 3D textile reinforced composite materials.


The general objective of the project is to develop a numerical simulation tool for efficient and robust multi-scale modeling of the mechanical behavior of composites considering the following key challenges. The first one is the predicting of non-linear response and failure at different scales. The second one is incorporating the variability of the mechanical properties and of the material microstructure which can be induced from manufacturing defects (fiber misalignment, voids, etc.) or from the inherent scattering of constituent material properties such as natural fiber reinforcement. The identification and quantification of defects will be obtained from X-ray computed tomography data. The post-doc will be involved in both theoretical and experimental investigations.


Degree: PhD in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science of Composite Materials.

Skills and knowledge:

  • Mechanics of solids, multi-scale analysis, mechanics of composites
  • Finite element analysis (ABAQUS/COMSOL) including development of material models
  • Programming skill in Fortran or C/C++
  • Manufacturing and testing of textile reinforced composites 
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English

Conditions :

 The intended start date as soon as possible (not later than 1st of December 2017).

Contract CDD in French term; net monthly salary is about 2100 euros.

Interested applicants should (preferably via e-mail) send a letter of motivation with curriculum vitae, a description of research work and a list of publication (and a couple of letters of recommendation) to:


+33 (0),

Professor Chung-Hae PARK

+33 (0),


Date d'expiration :
10 octobre 2017
Département Technologie des Polymères et Composites & Ingénierie Mécanique, IMT Lille Douai, 941 rue Charles Bourseul – CS 10838 - 59508 DOUAI (France) +33 (0)
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